Put psychology into the religious studies department of the university.

Psychology is pure pseudo science with all the classic characteristic of pseudo science.
It is not falsifiable. There is no conceivable  experiment to you could point to that would falsify it.
It is just pure religion. And if that is one's religion, then fine.  But the claim to being a science is pure fraud. and there is no religion that is as pure  a fraud as psychology.

People can still study it. I find pseudo science to be fascinating. Put psychology into the religious studies department of the university.

Mainly psychology arose because religious insights into what a human being is proved to be false.
But that is a good thing about religion. It can be falsified. You can follow a doctrine an then see that the leaders or the group itself is highly immoral and if morality and human decency is taken as a mark of holiness then you have falsified the religion. You might not be able to leave it but at least you know the facts. And you might also try to make some adjustments to the system.

Or you might look at the original doctrine and notice how the group itself strayed from it.

Appendix: This is really no surprise to a person that has learned a bit of Kant. To Kant the subject and the object are both in the category of the dinge an sich. That is the essence of what a person is is transcendent. We can know how we act. But we can't know what we are.