Getting interested in Breslov means to leave learning Talmud.

And I have seen over the years many people that get interested in Breslov, and the result is always to leave learning Talmud. Always.

In the letter Rav Nachman wrote to his followers in the city of Breslov which starts, "I have become disgusted with the yeshiva of  Breslov"["קצתי בישיבת ברסלב"],  it is clear that he  was giving up on his disciples, and thought that all his efforts with them went to waste.

The claim in Breslov is that they do have people that learn Talmud on some kind of high level. That is unfounded.  It is not true. But rather a kind of pretense that seems to be motivated by less than honorable motives. People that can learn Talmud have always learned how to do so in a Lithuanian yeshiva, or else they can't do it at all.

Side note:
Not all Litvak yeshivas are the same.  When I say "Litvak yeshiva" I refer to: (1) Ponovitch, (2) the Mir in NY (3) Chaim Berlin (4) Torah Vedaat (5) Shar Yashuv which starts at beginning level, but goes as high as the other great Litvak yeshivas (6) Merkaz HaRav of Rav Kook.[You can include upstart places of people that learned in any of these six great yeshivas.]