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Race is the beginning of separation of species. This was the spark that kindled the idea of evolution in Darwin when he saw this.  The idea is you take one species and divide it into different areas. The first difference that appears is color. If they stay separated long enough they become two species.

To me it seems that race is not a social construct but a fact of biology and the way nature begins to divide that which ought to be divided. And fighting nature is futile.

Th thing is according to Howard Bloom we should put the center of gravity on the Super-organism and the social meme that unifies it. Based on that we could say even though Sephardim and Ashkenazim have been separated by time and space still since the Torah is the social meme , therefore they can be united. Clearly that is what Bava Sali thought, even though he did sign his name 'with a (ספרדי טהור (ס''ט after it to show that he could trace his lineage to Jewish people before the mixing that began under Arab rule. Still clearly he though the main thing was loyalty towards the holy Torah. That is even though lineage is a big deal still everyone has free will. and one can still choose Torah no matter what his lineage is.

[I focused on color because that seems to be the first marker. Maybe there are others. Color is what got Darwin thinking and I also noticed the same thing. Take a species lets say squirrels and separate it. Put one set into the USA and the other into the USSR. After some time one comes out grey and the other brown. Same with birds in England. There are lots of examples.]


A comment on black and white relationships in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I grew up in an all white part of GR [Grand Rapids]. Tremendous. The blacks were on the other side of town. My dad talked me into getting a job on that side of town(at a bowling alley).I also got my first apartment in a mixed part of town. Both were "educational" experiences,to say the least.
At the bowling alley, many blacks would bowl and skip out on paying.I ran out,at first,to yell at them and got jumped those first times. After that,I told the boss, you can run out. He never did either.
At my apartment,I ran into a black guy I knew from the bowling alley. He asked me if he could borrow my car to go to the store. Being a young guy, I let him do it. 3 days later, they found it--150 miles away, transmission effed up. I Couldn't press charges because I volunteered the car to him.
I learned quickly though. Blacks came and went at the apartment. Noisy was an understatement. Drug use and criminal activity by them--you couldn't OVER-EXAGGERATE. I helped the landlords and police catch some of them.One was a possible death by a black thug group that lived together.
I lived on the middle floor.Once,the Orkin pest control people came in to spray in the black apartment below. As I watched TV,the Orkin's must have started spraying, hundreds--if not thousands of roaches ran up the wall behind my TV,into the apartment above. Filthy? 90% of blacks I've been around, live in garbage.
That was then. Now they've come to my original side of town. I've told the stories of having to evict blacks and Mexicans on either side of my current house.They haven't improved one bit in 30 years. If anything, they're worse--because now, the minorities have an attitude. They think they know more than you, but in reality, have the IQ of a banana.
Just thought I'd write a few lines on my experiences also.
-GR Anonymous




 race. I have thought for a long time that the way  nature operates to take  one species and make it into two or more is to start slowly with race.  I based this idea on Darwin. The idea is that you take one species and separate it. You put one group on some island somewhere. Then you take another group and put it elsewhere. After a short amount of time that one species will be two species. That is what race is. Race is you take a group of humans they go down to Africa. Another group goes north. Eventually they become two species.

But added to this I need a little wisdom from the Talmud: that is is not a good idea to go against nature,- because nature will win.

But that still does not mean anything about how to treat other people. It has to do with groups but not individuals.