restrictions that are not obligated according to the Torah

There is a  major thing -- an idea of Reb Nachman about not being מחמיר שום חומרא כלל (i.e. not being strict about anything). This sounds like a trivial idea until you realize that the basic framework of the Jewish religious world is completely made up of חומרות ( restrictions  that are not obligated according to the Torah).
They pretend as if those prohibitions are obligations, and yet prohibitions that are actually forbidden they ignore.
The trouble with this is it is אבן מכשול, a stumbling block in front of the blind. People think they have to be part of the religious world in order to keep the Torah. The opposite is true. The entire religious world in made up restrictions that are  made up out of thin air, or sometimes have some basis in one posek [medieval authority] but most other poskim (medieval authorities) allow it.

[This idea come in Reb Nachman's Magnum Opus in Volume 2, chapter 44 and in one other place that I forget [I think it is Volume 2, chapter 87]. It also is in Sichot HaRan.] [Though Breslov is insane, it is still permitted and  a good thing to learn from Reb Nachman. Rav Isaac Hutner did so and Bava Sali also. But without the context of the Gra, people latch onto misleading statements in his writings.]

This idea is related to another very important idea I wanted to mention,the fact that a cartel of unscrupulous charlatans have taken over the title of ordination and this is a problem from several angles. One is the obvious fact that it is fraud. There is no authentic ordination. That is why only very early Talmudic sages are referred to a having ordination. After R. Yochanan it is rare. And it disappeared completely in the middle of the Talmud period--though Hillel II did have it.

Personally, I do not appreciate being victimized by someone who while posing as an authority disseminates error, however trivial it may seem. And it i not just myself and others that I know who have been victimized. The real number no one knows. And the damage they cause is horrific and yet no one can talk about it because they are fearful of the prohibition against lashon hara. These religious teachers are the most destructive force on earth against Jewish families.
It is not that Reform or Conservative Jews are doing everything right. Rather that they have discovered the rot that lies underneath the facade of holiness of the religious world

So people that make their money by mean of this kind of fraud have to come up with fraudulent restrictions. The most obvious example is in food preparation,-- which is one big scam. But there are many other areas. In short, if you would take out the restrictions that are made up out of thin air, nothing would be left of the entire edifice.--And maybe then you would have time to figure out what the Torah actually requires of you. [To know what the Torah does in fact require, I found the basic set of Musar books from the Middle Ages to be extremely helpful, i.e. חובות לבבות, אורחות צדיקים, שערי תשובה, מסילת ישרים (שהוא אחרי ימי הביניים), שמנה פרקים לרמב''ם

The trouble is this. Ruler-ship, authority, is not something that one ought to grab. The reason being  that it is the same as stealing. Since ruler-ship is שווה כסף--worth money. Thus if it is offered one can accept it, but to take it without it being offered is theft.