Joseph Yozel Horvitz-- Trust in God

Faith a trust in God without effort on your own part is  a debate. Joseph Yozel Horvitz depended on Reb Israel Salanter that the Ramban held one needs no effort. But to find that in the Ramban has proven impossible. No one knows from where Reb Israel Salanter got this, However the Gra definitely held this way  --that no effort is necessary. This provided a foundation for Litvak yeshivas in NY. The general approach in NY was to learn Torah and depend on God for a living and shiduch, and not to get the false semicha [ordination]  that gives people the ability to use Torah as a shovel, [i.e. to make money]. In the Mir anyone that got Semicha was looked on as if he was a charlatan and could not really learn.

I hope this does not sound like I am claiming trust in God. I definitely lost that and so my entire service towards God is on a  different wave length. That is trying make up for losing trust. For once it is lost it does not return. The same with the Divine Light or "shechina". 
Trust for me worked as long as I hung onto it. 

In any case, in the Litvak kinds of Yeshiva Musar is learned I felt the real presence of God, the Shechina, and this leads to my general recommendation of making places like this or at least in ones home to have a spot dedicated to learning Torah and Musar.