I can think of no worse nightmare than being under the control of the religious.

The Leftist policies in the USA need to be cleaned up and thrown out. Liberalism gone amok. 
--I am not sure what needs to be cleaned up exactly. I kind of think the Catholic church was in need of some kind of Reform. Yet looking at the general result of Martin Luther it is hard to see much good until you actually get to the creation of the USA and the Constitution of the USA. Kings also do not seem so great. I can kind of sympathize with John Locke and Hobbes and the other  Enlightenment philosophers that were looking for a good place of balance.

And from my standpoint it is hard for me to imagine living under the control of religious people. From what I have experienced, I can think of no worse nightmare than being under the control of the religious. I think it is clear something along the lines of the Constitution of the USA is absolutely necessary. Reform and Conservative Jews are Jews that have great faith in Torah but have been mugged by those that pretend to keep Torah.[The main trouble with the religious seems to be that they are insane.]   
This tendency was noted by Sapolsky of the Schizoid personality tending to be religious. This is at least something I noticed also. Thus you definitely do not want them to be in charge. When they are they manage to ruin everything they touch. But they make a whole song and dance about how we are all one happy family while they are love-bombing you.

From the way I see things, things in the USA were great as long as it was more or less going with John Locke and the Constitution and an underlying belief in the Law of Moses. What seems to me is that the Frankfurt school and the worst parts of Hegel got into everything. Maybe for Tzarist Russia, Lenin thought that Hegel and Marx were needed to end their involvement with WWI and the Russian Civil War. But that is what what necessary to get power and stop the chaos. The trouble is the USA was doing perfect well before people started trying to tear down traditional family values and belief in the Bible.