the religious world

One problem I see in the religious world is that one that chooses it for a life style is essentially committing himself to a lifetime of asking people for charity. And to justify that claim he has to try to prove he is doing some kind of public service. And then when people ask him for charity the answer is always, "No" because he feels they are not as good as him.
[That is, it is not just you that noticed this. It came time for you that you needed a favor, and were surprised that you were refused. You thought this was an anomaly. But it is not. It is modus operandi.  

Of course there are great servants of God (like Bava Sali) whom people gladly gave money to because they knew he was helping others in many ways. But that is not the usual religious life style which is mainly to go around to secular Reform Jews and try to convince them to give him money.

[That is the religious world exists mainly by a kind of fraud. When they try to get money they always try to show how they are doing some kind of public service. But when someone actually needs helps they always refuse unless they think there is some way they can make more money out of exploiting him. In other words the very essence of the religious world is in direct contradiction to the basic values of Torah. I hope it is clear that this is an attack on those that misrepresent Torah and desecrate it, not against the Holy Torah itself. There are good institutions that are worthwhile to support like the great Litvak yeshivas [based on Rav Shach, Reb Israel Salanter and the Gra] that learn and teach authentic Torah.