The basic title today of rabbinical ordination is conferred on a person that learns the beginning sections of Yoreh Deah [the second volume of Shulchan Aruch by Joseph Karo] concerning the laws of how to kill  cows and chickens. This line of education does not consider any expertise on how to deal with people.. The other title that people should learn is called "Talmid Chacham" a Torah scholar . (The Sefardim have a great name for the position of religious leader. They call him the chacham-- the sage.

Now if one is a Talmid Chacham-Torah Scholar, that of course does not imply he is a good person and more that having a degree in English literature does. But it does mean that the person has some experience on what the Torah says in a number of relevant areas that do not have anything to do with the murder of innocent chickens. All gentiles should be aware that if they are referred to a rabbi for a question on Torah law they are likely to end up talking to a person that knows nothing about Torah, except how to murder cows and innocent chickens and probably even that does not know every well.
They certainly do not know Talmud not can read it. They are enemies of family while espousing family values. If you have a family the most dangerous person for family relationships is a rabbi.
That is someone who will work towards the dismantling of your family and family relationships while publicly crusading for family values.