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The need for Guru

A lot of religious groups take advantage of the human need for a shaman, a holy man, a guru. The man that can play this role gets an amazing amount of benefits including the "Lift" of being adored by countless numbers of women much more than their own husbands. And the people that follow get the benefit of having a "Shaman" holy man. It matters little what religion involved because they all are trying to make profit by this human dynamic.
The first order of business of the Guru is the castrate all the other males--that is to make them into Beta Males where their wives listen to the shaman, guru or pastor; not their husbands.

And since being part of a group (a social super-organism) is central to all humans --and since the most effective and powerful super-organism is the one centered on the Alpha Male--one can not very well avoid this dynamic.

The best idea thus is to find the group that most accurately goes by objective morality. To my mind that is the Litvak Yeshiva [yeshiva based on the path of the Gra]. But that is really just based on my own positive experience in two of those kinds of places. Shar Yashuv and the Mir--both in NY. I admit other people may have had a worse experience, and I myself had some reason to think they are not all of equal quality after seeing many others  besides those two in NY.

But I try to support any group that I see as doing good work and I see their vector is towards objective morality and the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.