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The American Civil War

The Civil War  was religiously motivated. That is each side thought that the message of Christianity was more or less what they were saying were their motivations. But they did not say it was because of Christianity but that was the unspoken undercurrent. My opinion is that slavery is included in two commandments in the Torah. That is there is a positive command in the Old Testament to judge according to the laws of slavery. That is many things in the Old Testament have lots of details. But you do not count each detail as a separate command. So the whole idea of slavery is a positive command.

[The reason this is not usually stated is that Divine Law has not been  accepted  West for a long time. Nowadays even Natural Law is also not accepted.

This is the same today. The whole left wing of the protestant church is just as much anti Torah today. They are the ones that are upset that lots of Americans want to get back to the traditional values of the Torah

The Constitution was supposed to work with people that had values based on the Bible. I think that at least Jefferson thought that education also would be necessary. But this fact is little noted in the West. Much political debate assumes the kind of people that were weaned on Bible stories. It was noted this flaw in utilitarianism also. They assume something that is not at all to be assumed.