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anti Israel and anti Jewish sentiments

The problem with anti Israel and anti Jewish sentiments is serious. German women are discovering that it is uncomfortable to walk on the streets with Muslims. They don't feel like getting raped. And that is understandable. You would think that there would be some sympathy for Jews in Israel who also feel uncomfortable with Muslims on the streets. They don't want to be blow to smithereens. And that is also understandable. But the plague of Muslims in Germany and in Europe does not evoke much sympathy for plight of Jews in Israel. The reason is "חן" (literally: grace or attractiveness).

That is, Jews don't have "חן" [grace]. And this is a powerful thing. When a person or a group has grace in your eyes, then everything and anything they do get excused. Logical reasoning does not come into play.
And when a group has no grace, then even when they are right by all objective standards, nothing they do can help.

The solution to lack of grace is to learn Torah in a Lithuanian Authentic Yeshiva.  Some people learn Pseudo "Torah" but it is superficial. That does not lead to grace. Only Torah in depth does that. And I can't explain what that means except you have to see it done in an authentic Lithuanian yeshiva.

[It is not looking up achronim [commentaries written after the Shulchan Aruch of Joseph Karo]. I can't really explain this very well. You have to see it done on your own. You can however get an idea of what this means by looking up achronim, but looking up what they say is not the same thing as doing it yourself. If you are in NY in Brooklyn, then you get simply walk over to the Mir, Torah VeDaat, or Chaim Berlin and sit in for the Rosh Yeshivas classes. But if you are not in NY. then I don't have much of an suggestion. I am pretty sure this is what they do in Ponovitch. Other places probably don't do this, nor know what it is either. Most other yeshivas are for shiduchim [to get offered a good marriage match ] or parnaah [to make a living by using the Torah] or other things. Almost none are for learning in depth except NY yeshivas.

Which brings me to the obvious conclusion that it would be in everyone's interest to start yeshivas that are devoted to learning Torah in depth--not the superficial way that is common.. And the result of this I predict would be powerful. It would give Jews "grace." And when people have grace, then a lot of problems disappear.
[This does not mean to learn Kabalah. That is not the same thing as learning Torah in depth. In fact the general result of learning Kabalah is delusion. It is rare to find someone become more of a "mensch" from it. There were rare individuals like Bava Sali that could benefit from it but  that is not the rule.And then you have people that really are on the level to be able to learn it and then the Sitra Achra goes all out to destroy them. So in any case it seems like  a no win situation. Either one is ready and then gets entangled in a fight with the Sitra Achra that he is not ready for. Or he is not ready and then he gets delusions.]