a priori values

A priori values. Freedom and Reason. Sometimes there comes a person into the world whose purpose is to reveal some a priori value.
Or President Kennedy bringing the idea of jogging into national consciousness.
The Rambam also discovered the value of the fusion of Torah with reason.
But with every value that is revealed there is a false value which surrounds it. And there are "chevra mans" that pretend to be supporting the true value but enforce the false value.
(Just like the idea of freedom got perverted in America to mean the welfare state--the right not be to be insulted the right to feel good etc.)
the truth be told we need a process by which good values can be separated from bad values.
to reveal the combination of all good values can't happen until one discovers the process by which bad values can be sifted out.
I believe that there is a minimum requirement for a moral value system--that it should be logically deducible from it that murder rape and torture of 10 million people is wrong.  Neither does Islam fulfill that requirement. But if you would take the Talmud along with Maimonides who says that the mitzvoth have a priori rational basis under them that determines how the halacha is applied then Torah and Talmud could be part of a moral system. But only in connection with this idea of Maimonides. with him the Torah is as vicious and evil as Islam