There are a few aspects of nation building that people have forgotten or ignored. Some like Brett Stevens rightfully focuses  on the ethnic group. That is true. But there is also the social meme which is just as important. [For example the Ten Commandments.]

The founding fathers of the USA were very much aware of two other factors that you see in Herodotus and Thucydides: (1) The advantage of having a large nation or empire. When Cyrus and Darius were the kings of Persia there was little that could stand in their way. It was to the advantage of every small nation or group they encountered to join in. The only other alternative was total annihilation. This the founding fathers knew well and so tried to create a strong large nation.

(2) But the opposing tendency you see in Thucydides. Individual factions pull things apart. When one or several groups are intent on destroying some other group, this tends to weaken the whole.
[Ethnic ties did nothing to save Attic Greece. Nothing. Each group sought to ally itself with Sparta or Athens according to its perceived advantage.

Thus when women are intent on punishing the white man, this affects the entire nation. It does no good when bad blacks and mad muslims get into the act of trying to bring down the USA.
Against these kinds of people there is no protection. Thus in Israel also religious  Sephardim that are intent on punishing every Ashkenazi they encounter does even more damage to Israel than muslims.

The founding fathers sought to alleviate this problem by making religious differences irrelevant to politics.

So what I am saying to be short, the best idea at this point is to be grateful to God for President Trump and to do everything possible to support his agenda to Make America Great Again.

The USA was founded on two memes the Bible and the Constitution. The best idea is to strengthen both of these principles. Though the Bible was not to be a political issue, because it was considered to be private and personal, not public, still that does not make it any less relevant to the bedrock foundation of the USA any more or less than the family. The family is also private and personal. It should not be public. But it is none the less essential for the health of the USA.

Sometimes someone from Israel looks at my blog so let me just say that I would not recommend a Constitution as in the USA for Israel. The main thing both Israel and the USA need are a good heavy dose of nationalism. For the USA that is mainly a WASP thing, and in Israel that is definitely a Jewish thing.   Brett Stevens could not be more right about that issue.
 Rav Shach definitely emphases learning Torah and that is true but most of the religious in Israel are an albatross. simply dead weight that brings everything down. Best thing for Israel is to cut all funding to yeshivas which are just private clubs for chatting all day and send the muslims as far away as possible. Stop supporting your enemies. How hard can that be to figure out?
And add an oath of allegiance and loyalty to the State of Israel as the first and main requirement for citizenship.

[The system of government I think is mainly OK.]