Trump verses the Left and the courts.

Trump verses the Left:
As Steven Dutch puts it:
 "So now you have Trump. Was it really worth going to court to get that Nativity scene out of the city park, or hassling that bakery that refused to do a gay wedding cake? How many Trump voters did you create? Well, now they’ve voted to smack you down. Oppression to you, democracy at its finest to them."

Richard Epstein thinks Trump is wrong to take on the courts. Here is what Steven Dutch says about this:"Trump’s hard core followers despise the courts. From their perspective, the courts rubber-stamp regulations on the responsible and productive, while protecting criminals, sociopaths and social deviants. You may be horrified, but they will be deliriously happy to see a President rip into the Supreme Court." (I think Dr. Epstein is being a little naive when it comes to the intense hatred Iran has for the USA. He is worried we might alienate them. He has not had many attempts on his life by Muslims. I however have, and that has given me a slightly different perspective. I believe there is no way to increase the hatred Iran has for the USA and Christians. It is already infinite.]

I should mention that to me the best thing is the path of the Rambam: To learn the Old Testament, the Two Talmuds, Physics and Metaphysics [Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Hegel.] (This does not have to be hard. What we know from the Gemara in Shabat is just saying the words and going on is enough to understand. Also I should mention to the Rambam (Maimonides), Physics is not a secular subject. It is a part of the Oral Law is it is part of the service of God.)

However I have respect for Christians that worship  God  in a different way. I have written about this many times on this on the other blog, so there is no reason to repeat myself here. See the Mediaeval mystic, Avraham Abulafia, and Rav Yaakov Emden and the Meiri (a Rishon).[My personal take on this is they would do a lot better if they would just jettison Paul. Holding onto him just weakens their position and adds very little or nothing.] My feeling is European people follow what seems reasonable. Thus Christianity by making sense was accepted in the Roman world--because it made more sense than everything else out there at the time. Just do some looking into history and you will see this. But nowadays, Christianity seems to make less than good sense because of the necessity of having Paul. [See the Recognitions of Clement, the first pope also along these same lines.] (Paul tends to put an ax in the whole thing.)