On Yom Kippur we say the long confession.

On Rosh Hashanah until Yom Kippur we say the long confession. There we confess not listening to our parents and teachers. I can imagine this does not apply to all parents and teachers since some do not deserve respect. In my case however both sets deserve respect. My parents mainly concentrated on Derech Eretz comes before Torah. And my roshei yeshiva, Reb Freifeld  and Reb Shmuel Berenbaum mainly concentrated on Torah.
Thus I am in this kind of grey area where I am required to walk on this thin fine line between Torah and Derech Eretz.[Derech Eretz means human decency, and also a vocation.]

Music for the glory of God

s47 B Flat Major    s49 I had a lot of trouble with this one trying to figure out the proper instruments. I am still not sure. And the progressions I am still unsure about. But for today it seems about right so I present it here for the public with my apology that it probably still needs editing.
The instruments are mainly the wind section and a piano and violin and french horn

This next one is in 6-8 times48
 s50 A Minor

Divine Right of Kings

Divine Right of Kings

The story of Joan of Arc seems to support this idea. To me at least it seems that Joan of Arc was a legitimate saint and her mission was to crown Charles VII over all France. That seems clear to indicate that there is such a thing as Divine appointment to rule.

France at the time had a king--the King of England but from what we can tell is that he had no right from heaven to rule France.

This seems to have support from the תנ''ך (Old Testament) also. But in the Old Testament the right to rule needs to be confirmed by either a prophet or (when there is no prophet) the Sanhedrin. In any case in the Old Testament there is no concept of the right of the people to choose their leader. [As was pointed out to be by Yehoshua (an acquaintance and one time room-mate at the Mir yeshiva).]

This does not mean Democracy is invalid. We know from דינא דמלכותא דינא (the law of the country is valid) that once any kind of government is established whose coin is accepted- that  is a legitimate government; and its rules are binding according to Jewish Law [except in cases which contradict the Torah directly].

This fact was made clear in the Gemara itself. See חזקת הבתים in Bava Batra.

An modern example is the State of Israel for that Reb Moshe Feinstein and Reb Aaron Kotler both said דינא דמלכותא דינא (The law of the State is the law). [How far this extends is a debate between Rishonim as far as I remember. Certainly the Rambam takes this very far beyond דיני ממונות law about money. 


What Western Civilization lacks is Fear of God.

What Western Civilization lacks is Fear of God. It was on Rosh Hashanah at the Mir Yeshiva in NY that I read the אור ישראל by the disciple of Reb Israel Salanter [during Musaf] that made this point in such a powerful way that it has stuck with me even years later.  What that means for Jewish-Christian society is simple. To get the books on Fear of God and to read them every day. There is a known set of primary works of Musar and then a secondary level. And after that  a few more levels. The primary level is חובות לבבות, אורחות צדיקים, מסילת ישרים, שערי תשובה, מעלות המידות ספר הישר המיוחס לרבינו תם and a few other mediaeval books.

[I have no idea what Christians could read. I do not even know if they have an equivalent but I assume they must have.The closest thing I can think of is Aquinas.]

[Physics I should mention is also part of the mitzvah of Fear of God according to the Rambam.]

So at least on Rosh Hashanah I recommend learning as much Musar as possible.

I should mention that one reason I really liked the Mir was the small Musar session they had and after I was married and discovered Isaac Blazer's אור ישראל I spent my pare time learning Musar which I think was vey god for me.

Revolution is not a good thing

To try and answer  the Alt Right especially,  Brett Stevens.

Once there is a Constitution in place  which works  and establishes peace and order to some degree, it seems to me to be a mistake to try to overthrow it.

Thucydides made this point in the events surrounding Corcyra in the war between Sparta an Athens.

Revolution is not a good thing. Only in the most extreme circumstance is it justified.

Thucydides outlined the basic problems with revolution and also of alliance with either side in the war between Sparta of and Athens. He did not know it at the time, but his words ring even more profoundly as the ages has gone by-- because now we know that that war is what devastated both Sparta and Athens   --forever. Neither ever again would regain what had been lost. It made no difference that Sparta won or that Sparta treated Athens well and kindly after the war. The effect was the same. both lost everything.

This is relevant to today's issues not just the Alt Right but also to the many movements that are committed to overturning the established order as they claim to insure equality or some kind of justice, but it is always just a power grab.  [Especially the Ultra Religious definitely try to undermine the established order so as to gain power. Religious teachers have found and that their lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.][

"There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution."
Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, California Medical School, 1961]

Religious groups are like the Fabian Society or the Freemasons. Though anyone can join, but there are many levels of initiation. That means,- the majority of people involved have no idea of the true agenda and carry out their roles in creating respectable front for the fraud that is at the heart of the organization.

From a Torah standpoint also we know דינא דמלכותא דינא the law of the state is the law. The Rambam says this goes even so far as to say that if the king declares one ho transgress any particular law must be sold as a slave that declaration is valid.

I would like to address this issue also from the standpoint of Hegel. Though the left has hijacked Hegel, in fact he provides a good justification for traditional family values. To him, reason can perceive moral principles that are common sense principles. This is somewhat like the intuitionists like Prichard and G.E. Moore, but unlike them Hegel is not a quietist.["We know it because we know it". Instead, Hegel does not ignore Kant but attempts to answer him by means of the triads.]
[Revolution sometimes can be justified. Sometimes an established order is just a cabal a small group that has seized power. When there is an absence of justice, then revolution is in order. ] To some degree then the Russian revolution was justified simply because there was no point to sending Russian soldiers (in WWI) to the front just to get pulverized. If it took a revolution to stop that-well so be it.


My Dad worked at TRW designing a kind of laser communication system for satellites

My Dad worked at TRW designing a kind of laser communication system for satellites that the Soviets could not detect [because it used lasers which go straight unlike radio waves which spread out.] That was right around the time that the KGB had a mole there. This was made into a motion picture, The Falcon and The Snowman. 

TRW was the firm that made the satellites for NASA.

After my Dad finished the project he went on to start his own business. He did not like being under other people's thumbs. In any case it seems to me most of his life was like that. He would work for the USA government for some time [his first invention was night vision.] and then make some invention in his own time and then market it [the copy mate x-ray machine]. Then the USA government would again need him for some other project (e.g. the camera for the U-2 spy plane) so he would join that until that project was over and then he would again make his own inventions and market them again. It went on back and forth like that.

I might have gone on to do the same but at some point a tremendous urge came over me to learn Gemara,[Talmud]. I can not really explain it. A minute away for the holy Talmud  caused me to feel like I was drowning. As time went on I began to see that a more balanced approach is proper based on the Rambam's idea of learning Physics, Metaphysics, the Oral Law, the Written Law.

What I have been saying on my blog is that people ought to make an effort to get through (even if it is just saying the words in order and going on)this basic set: The Old Testament in Hebrew, the Two Talmuds, Rav Shach' Avi Ezri, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory, String Theory, Calculus, Topological Algebra, Abstract  Algebra. That seems to me to be the bare minimum for a well rounded education.

Law of Moses and the Alt-Right

A lot of the Alt-Right people concentrate on politics. But politics is downstream from numinous value.
Therefore we have to get that area of value straight. to me this means we need to keep the Law of Moses. But some  people would object to this based on the fact that all of the good we see in western civilization comes directly from listening to Jesus. I would counter this and say Jesus yes; but all Jesus was saying was to keep the Law of Moses with more sincere devotion than what people were doing.

[I can see that Western civilization is synonymous with Christendom. And I appreciate the great things about growing up in the USA when it was a highly moral, wholesome WASP society. However I claim that everything good about Christianity comes straight from the Law of Moses.]

[There is  some degree of ambiguity of how to go about keeping the Law of Moses. However difficult it is to understand, still there is no reason to think that it has been nullified. Paul did think it was null and void, but that was not based on Jesus, but on his own understanding. And this clearly was not what Jesus was saying, that nothing in the law will ever be changed. "Heaven and Earth may pass away but not one jot or tittle of the Law."]

In any case, I would like to make a suggestion on how to keep the Law of Moses. From what I can see, the books of Musar [Medieval Ethics] basically encapsulate the basic approach. [I mean to say that even though some people have been privileged to spend time going through the Oral Law in painstaking detail, this is not available for everyone. Therefore Musar provides and basically simple approach. [The reason Musar is important is it gives a simple balanced approach to keeping the Law of Moses. That is it is more rigorous than if one would try on his on to figure out how to keep it. This is a result of the fact that during the Middle Ages people assumed the law as logically rigorous and had one message, not a different message for every individual  and they spent the time and effort to hammer out the details.]

[Everyone needs a boggy man--someone to attack. For the Ultra Religious  world this is Christians and secular Jews. The Ultra Religious imagine to themselves as if they are keeping the Law of Moses. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Reform and Conservative are much closer to authentic Torah because of their emphasis on obligations between man and his fellow man and not so much on rituals like the ultra religious. ]


Ideas in Bava Metzia ch8-9  I deleted something that seemed a little am haaretz'dik

I would rather not go into what I deleted but in that deleted note I did make an interesting point. That There is an opinion in our Gemara that Sumchos said his din only in a case of "maybe and maybe." {איני יודע ואיני יודע}. Raba Bar Rav Huna. And we have in Bava Batra that Sumchus said his din only in a case of Drara Demomona. [That is not like our gemara in Bava Metzia page 2b].
In the Chidushim on Bava Metzia I already suggested this argument between Bava Metzia and Bava Batra is dependent on the argument between Rav and Shmuel in another place. But is it possible that Raba Bar Rav Huna understand שמא ושמא to be the very definition of דררא דממונא?  In the note I deleted I ascribed this option to the Rashbam for some reason that eludes me today. To me this minute this idea seems utterly silly. But it came inside a small paragraph where I gave n answer to R. Akiva Eigger about the opinion of the Rashbam so maybe I was thinking of something that I did not write down right?

There is an opinion in our גמרא that סומכוס said his דין only in a case of שמא ושמא, איני יודע ואיני יודע. That is the opinion of רבה בר רב הונא.  And we have in בבא בתרא that סומכוס  said his דין only in a case of דררא דממונא. That is not like our גמרא in בבא מציעא  page ב ע''ב.
In the  I already suggested this argument between בבא מציעא and בבא בתרא is dependent on the argument between רב  and שמואל in another place. But is it possible that רבה בר רב הונא understand שמא ושמא to be the very definition of דררא דממונא?

ישנה דעה בגמרא שלנו כי סומכוס אמר את הדין שלו רק במקרה של שמא ושמא, איני יודע ואיני יודע. כך דעת של רבה בר רב הונא.  ובבבא בתרא סומכוס אמר את דינו רק במקרה של דררא דממונא. זה לא כמו  גמרא בבבא מציעא דף ב ע''ב..
כבר הצעתי  שהטיעון הזה בין בבא מציעא ובבא בתרא תלויה בויכוח בין רב ואת שמואל במקום אחר. אבל האם זה אפשרי כי רבה בר רב הונא מבין שמא ושמא להיות ההגדרה של דררא דממונא?

the temptation of the Guru is insurmountable.

When I consider Rosh Hashanah coming up and the need to repent --or even during the year when I notice that I have fallen away from God, my thoughts always wander towards Musar [Books of mediaval Ethics]and the basic path of Reb Israel Salanter. My thoughts usually go along the lines that Musar encapsulates the essence of Torah, but  I find it difficult to recommend the straight yeshiva Musar path because it is a path that has been used by people for personal aggrandizement. Still I wish could learn more Musar.
Of course for people with spiritual thirst the temptation of the Guru is insurmountable. But they can't go to Eastern religions from guilt feelings about their Jewishness. So they find some Jewish equivalent of a Guru. That the trouble with this is they somewhat clear since they have nothing to sell. No enlightenment. Still the temptations enormous,
Therefore the Gra put the whole cult into excommunication that wanted to capitalize on peoples' need for a guru. My general impression of Jewish Gurus is that they are from the Sitra Achra/the Dark Side.  The Gra certainly saw this and if I had been smart I would have simply accepted this as fact base on the idea that the Gra probably knew a thing or two about Torah more than me.

Sadly  I fell into this temptation, instead of just sticking with straight Torah. The way this happens is simple. It is not just my on or other's nativity. It is rather because there are organizations that the majority of people involved are not aware of the ultimate purpose of the organization.

to repeat one whole chapter 40 days in a row

In my fervor for learning fast I have not mentioned on my blog another way of learning that I have found effective-the forty days in a row idea. This is not a way to make a lot of progress, but it is a way that when you find some essential kernel in your learning-- to internalize it.  I did this  a few times in Joos's book Theoretical Physics  and also  in math. [Differential equations]This idea I also applied to Tosphot. [That is I would review the same Tosphot or same page of Gemara for a few weeks --every day the same material]

But with Tosphot and or the Chidushei HaRambam of Reb Chaim Soloveitchik I would usually not get up to exactly forty days.

In any case, for a person  like myself, the forty days in a row I have found helps in understanding what I learn, and also in retaining it. [That is to repeat one whole chapter 40 days in a row.]


Torah with Derech Eretz [the way of the Earth, a vocation and manners] especially Math and Physics. Exactly like the Rambam said [concerning Physics and Metaphysics.]

In the Lekutai Moharan Volume 3 chapter 8 it says on Rosh HaShanah to be in an authentic Litvak yeshiva. That is, at any rate, what the language there implies. That "The same thing that is accomplished on Rosh Hashanah is accomplished by being in a true authentic yeshiva with an authentic rosh yeshiva."

In the absence of such a thing I can understand why people come to Uman. But Reb Nachman did not say to come to his grave on Rosh Hashanah. He said to come to his grave for the ten psalms. He never mentioned Rosh Hashanah in connection with his grave.
And after all what counts as an authentic yeshiva? My own experience with yeshivas was in the red. The minus column was generally longer than the profits.[They are after all human institutions, they are not divine.] And besides that my on parents were heavily into Torah with Derech Eretz [the way of the Earth, a vocation and manners] especially Math and Physics. Exactly like the Rambam said [concerning Physics and Metaphysics.]
The weight of the evidence suggests my parents and the Rambam were right. This results in my four point approach: Gemara, Musar, Math, and Physics. In this case the Math and Physics are part of the service of God--not secular.

I have great respect for the Gra and Reb Israel Salanter and the yeshivas founded on their principles but I also have great and greater respect for my parents as the Torah itself demands and they were certainly worthy of that respect. [I do realize there are parents that do not merit much respect, but that is not relevant in my case.] Plus my own experience  suggests something is a bit off in the yeshiva world, and I am sure I am not alone in this awareness. In fact, the entire religious world seems to be a bit insane. So by theory and by experience, I come to this basic path of Torah, Math, and Physics.

(There is something troubling about the entire religious world but it is hard to put my finger on it--or to see exactly what it is. My parents got out of the problem by simply avoiding it altogether and attending a Reform Temple and sending us brothers to public school. This approach makes sense to me except that I think one needs to learn the Oral and Written Law either at home or in some Litvak yeshiva setting and to keep the Torah. But the world of the religious  is certainly farther from Torah than the Reform. It has some kind of kelipa in it.   )

The State of Israel

Dr Kelley Ross  in his essay on Israel is critical of nationalist principle.
But the Alt Right has resurrected the nationalist principle which seems to make sense to me simply based on human nature [super-organism, social meme, natural hierarchy the pecking order.] This seems to go in a Hegelian direction. And Hegel is difficult. Sometimes he is amazingly enlightening and sometimes amazingly infuriating. Still in any case it looks like  nationalism is important.

The Alt Right [Brett Stevens] has noticed that Theodore Herzl was building the idea of a State of Israel on the concept of nationalism. So nowadays when globalism is an obvious failure it seems logical to go back to nationalism as a founding principle.

[Dr Ross is very supportive of the State of Israel but more from an Enlightenment perspective rather than a nationalist principle.]

The thing that to me this all comes down to is Howard Bloom's Lucifer Principle.

The right  however is looking at this more from an ethnic principle while I a thinking more along Howard Bloom's idea of a super-organism based on a social meme--the meme in this case being Law of Moses.[i.e. the Written and Oral Law].


Music for the glory of God

s45 C Major s44 E minor Edited I think this new version of s44 is slightly better

s51 D minor 6-8 time

The hiding of God' face

What was pointed out by Nietzsche was really mentioned in the Torah itself--the problem with הסתרת פנים. {The hiding of God' face}. That is at the end of Deuteronomy. This is the reason people go to someone like Bava Sali for guidance or a blessing. It is not because they are unaware that it is better to go to God directly. Rather it is because they have gone to God directly to the best of their ability, and still have not gotten an answer.

It was pointed out to me by David Bronson that Nachmanides gives a support for this idea-that in the verses where it says, "Do not go to magicians or astrologers" -and right after that it says, "but for you God will bring a prophet."

Still what seems to me is that is  a concession to human nature. That is how Maimonides understands many of the commandments in any case.

What makes more sense to be is the idea of going to go in private prayer in a place where no one else is and asking God for his guidance just as if you would have a Bava Sali to ask.

If you have a forest nearby what you could do is make it a daily schedule to jog there and when there to spend time talking with God alone, and then jog back

Western Civilization

Western Civilization is again being invaded by barbarian hordes.

300 Spartans and a certain number of allies [I forgot how many -I think it was about 2000] stopped the Persian invasion of Helles which was close to 3 million men. It happened once. I can happen again.

 It was in fact about one Spartan per 10,000 Persian soldiers. We know the number of Persians because Xerxes made a closure that would contain 10,000 men exactly. and thus he counted his invading army. The amazing thing was a king of Sparta that had been kicked out and was advising  Xerxes told he that his army against 300 Spartans was not even a contest.[In fact the only reason the Spartans finally fell was someone betrayed their flank.]


"No problems without sin."

I realize the path of repentance is far from me. How do I know this? Well two things. One is everything in my life fell apart at a certain point, and we know from the Torah that, "There are no problems without sin." [Even though the book of Job infers differently, still this seems to be the basic approach of the Torah.]

The way that Reb Shmuel Berenbaum [the Rosh Yeshiva of the Mir yeshiva in NY] dealt with almost any problem was this, "Learn Torah."  That was his cure all for every type of difficulty that anyone brought before him. [That went along with his emphasis on not speaking Lashon Hara(slander). See the book, Chafetz Chaim for details. A very important book I might add.]

What seems right about this idea of "Learning Torah"is that, in fact, I think that repentance involves finding a basic set of rules of conduct and sticking with them. Certainly anything that I am doing wrong or have done wrong is mentioned somewhere in Oral and Written Law. In any case, I certainly have not found out what I am doing wrong.

Note: The subject of "No problems without sin" is an argument in the Talmud. But the conclusion is "There is death without sin, but never problems without sin." This comes up in Tractate Shabat.

[Even though I realize I must be far off the mark there are still a number of basic principles I have tried to stick with. Even though I realize they do not really count as true repentance for whatever I have done wrong, still they are I think good ad hoc measures, [i.e. good for the needs of the hour..]
(1) Speak the truth at all cost (2) Learn Torah , the Written and Oral Law (3) Ten Commandments, (4) the Golden Rule [Do unto other as you would have others do unto you.]..

[Some might think religious fanaticism is the answer. What religious fanatic does not think he has the absolute truth? However I never saw any good come from religious fanaticism-never. It just takes people away from the more important aspects of Torah like obligations between man and his fellow man.]

The fundamental idea of pagan religion is everything is Divine

The reason the Gra signed the excommunication was that he was against the idea of representing the Torah as a  pagan religion —

 The fundamental idea of pagan religion is everything is divine and filled with divinity. That the universe is some kind of MetaDivine realm.

Since the Gra saw people teaching this in the name of Torah he thought it would be best to make a clear distinction between Torah and pagan religion.

This obviously was ignored by the religious and so they continue to this day teaching pagan religion in the name of Torah. They get away with this scam because they disguise this in cute little rituals.


The super-organism based on some higher social meme

The super-organism based on some higher social meme-- that is the Howard Bloom formulation. He was thinking of the best model as that of the USA constitution. But as someone mentioned that politics is downstream from religion. So to me the Law of Moses is the best meme. But to Maimonides Torah is downstream from Physics. Physics is downstream from metaphysics.The question then is why would these contain a higher aspect of value? I think with Hegel it is possible to answer this question.
The absolute idea flows into metaphysics and downstream from that is physics etc. but with Hegel alone this would translate into a top to bottom system as communist systems are in fact base on Hegel

What you need to bottom to top feedback as with a Democracy.

The problem in the religious world

The problem in the religious world is every area of value deteriorates into its opposite.
What that means is when art deteriorates it becomes anti art i.e. Picasso, Music becomes anti music. Torah when it falls becomes anti Torah. And that is worse than anti art because anti Torah i.e. force of unholiness the forces of the dark side demonic forces.

The solution to this was found by the sages דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה. Derech Eretz [work and manners] comes before Torah.
Thus the Rambam says that the occupation of learning Physics and Metaphysics is above learning Torah. [This is open in the parable of the king in the state at the end of vol 3 in the Guide for the Perplexed.]
He found in these a higher kind of numinous value than Torah itself.

The simple thing would be to fire all the pseudo teachers--if only people would listen.


The devotion to Torah in the Litvak world

The Haredi world ought to be divided conceptually into two parts. The Litvak (Lithuanian) yeshiva world which is basically loyal to Torah and try to keep its values. Marriage there tend to have a kind of synergy   because of devotion towards God and his Law. There are however other groups which are strict about rituals but are cults and in fact the marriages are quite abusive in both directions,

The devotion to Torah in the Litvak world tends to raise the marriages towards a transcendent goal.
There is almost nothing in the religious world that I consider kosher at all. To me they all look like cults of idolatry except for the yeshivas like Ponovitch that are clearly into straight Torah. The rest of the haredi world seem to me to be walking mummies. Dead and worshipers of the dead.

Alliances makes  a difference and the yeshiva world made a big mistake in aligning itself with what is the haredi world, They have a lot more in common with the Reform and Conservative who  who also try to keep Torah but with less emphasis  on rituals. But Reform and Conservative certainly do not worship the dead like the rest of the haredi world.

[I  was never part of Ponovitch but the general yeshiva world tended to be alike in this respect to love and devotion towards God and his Law. That is my impression anyway about pretty much anyone I met in that world. They shine with the inner light of Torah. Maybe that is just my subjective observation, but it seems to me to be real. ]

Of course it take some kind of merit to be a part of the authentic Litvak Torah world which I apparently do not have. Maybe the problem is once one walks away from it the door gets locked behind him. Or perhaps some sin causes some kind קלקול corruption in the עולמות העליונים.

In any case the religious world  is different from the yeshiva world and it is basically demon possessed. It makes a good show of keeping Torah but the inner energy is from the dark side. They are always begging money from secular Jews but when someone needs their help they always hurt when able an never help.

I tried to explain this once in some blog post that it is the result of the fact that every areas of value has an opposite area of value. Some the world of Torah when it falls it falls into anti Torah. This is the same with music or art. It it is not a phenomenon that is exclusively in the Torah world.

subversion within a group and the problems of a hierarchy.

In this essay Steven Dutch discusses some of the problems with subversion within.

Also he writes ( interaction of top-down and adaptive components results in what I call the Paradox of Authority-in-Democracy. Overall, despite its failings, we live in a democratic society. Nevertheless, most of the day to day decisions in our society are made by authoritarian means. Students don't elect their teachers or vote on grading standards, workers don't elect their bosses, we don't elect our police officers or set speed limits by market means. Yet there are enough adaptive mechanisms to keep authority in check.

What Steven Dutch is seems to be saying is there is a hierarchy in any group but the group works better if there is feedback. Feedback is something you find in electrical engineering and negative feedback in  a circuit helps promote stability.

In any case hierarchy is an issue that Hegel goes into and it seems to correspond to his Metaphysics.

In any case what you see with Steven Dutch is  an unusual amount of flashes of insight,--insight that suggest solutions to great problems.  He he is suggestion that the important thing about the American Constitution is that it has feedback, and is a combination of atop to bottom and bottom to top kind of system.
One trouble with the communist system is in fact it is totally top to bottom once they get power. But they can get power because of the promises that attract people and that they do seem to keep.--to get rid of exploiters.


She was spoiling for a fight

Comment on Red Pill Girl blog:

"I vividly remember my ex. When she was having a bad day, something upset her, was spoiling for a fight that had nothing to do with us … I’d grab a rag and container of comet [soap]." CLEAN …" I would tell her. And after awhile she knew the drill. Rag and scrub and clean and make her house her home. Made her feel better. Feel settled. It worked. She’d work out her energy and feel better."

I think a lot of guys go through the same thing. They get home after a frustrating day and they find their wife just ready and raring for a fight. But if they take the soft approach, she gets more and more angry because he refuses to fight. If he takes the hard line they she gets to go to court and accuse him of abuse.
Today women have dug themselves into a deep pit- with the help of the "religious leaders" of course--the agents of the Dark Side. Religious teachers teach  but they present the  paradigm of the Sitra Achra [Dark Side] as a traditional Torah paradigm and not a  creation of their delusions.  This is far more dangerous than the overt teaching of idolatry.

The best idea that I know is that of Reb Israel Salanter--to learn Musar {Mediaeval Ethics.} but along with outdoor skills. That is to learn ethics and loyal and dependability is not just from books but from team work and practice.--That is the origin of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. [Nowadays the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are no good. They gave up their morality for money.]

Evil religious leaders. This is a subject that  has been around. My first thought is the false prophets. Then warnings in the Talmud about the פרושים "Pharisee"-usually identified as Talmud scholars, but in fact people the Talmud criticizes as being hypocritical . But it comes up  so often that I wonder if perhaps it is not from the curse of Jeremiah since God sent us true prophets and we did not listen so he will send false prophets and to them we will listen. The trouble is this---there are true teachers but they generally are willfully ignorant about the presence of bad teachers or are quiet about this problem. In the ocean of false and bad teachers how many people are willing to state the truth fearlessly? Not many. Most teachers would loose  their livelihoods.

Here is a comment from the blog Dalrock:
 "I am the first to admit that I was a total supplicating husband (aka Kitchen Bitch) because I was fully indoctrinated into the ideology through  marriage books and programs. I bathed the kids, put them to bed, changed the diapers, washed the dishes, cooked, cleaned, and this was in addition to operating my own construction company and tending to the yard and maintenance and repairs. It caused my ex to only grow deeper and deeper into depression and misery, lose all attraction and respect for me, withdraw completely from sex and affection, ultimately divorce.\
 I watch so many couples living this out now still and I openly try to warn my friends and other husbands away from it. I subsequently have few friends and the wives are not keen on their husbands hanging out with me. The blatant feminism, divorce encouragement, cowardice of religious  leaders who  continue to promote this garbage and bow before their wives and all other women in the congregation..."

I should mention: 
There is nothing disjunctive about והוא ימשול בך “and he will rule over you and to him will be your desire” which God said to Eve is a regular Hebrew phrase and its meaning is not ambiguous.
מושל there is used many times in the Bible. One example is להשם המלוכה ומושל בגוים To God is the kingship and ruler-ship over the nations. The idea comes up also in the book of Esther the letters that were sent out by Xerxes “that ever man should rule over his own home and speak in his own language.”
Why would a pastor claim this is disjunctive when it is clearly not so is beyond me.
It could not be more clear.

Welfare is really enforced servitude of white to serve black

Nationalism mainly finds justification with Hegel and Howard Bloom. Autonomy of the individual finds justification with Kant. My own point of view is more based on the Law of Moses. That is I put the center of gravity not in the individual nor in the nation but in the Law. But in any case there are some very good points in the idea of stopping the destructive aspects of diversity and welfare etc.

Welfare is really enforced servitude of white to serve black. Diversity is really a way to undermine traditional American values.


The whole Bava Sali thing seems to have puttered out of steam. Still there are unique and special people within that tradition.  I was very impressed with one grandson of Bava Sali, Shimon Buso. But there might be others.The  daughter of Bava Sali, Mrs Buso married  fellow by the name David Buso and that is where the name come from. I am not much into the dynasty thing but in this case it looks valid to me.  My impression is it is worth the time and effort to get a blessing from Shimon Buso. [He is in Jerusalem on Shabat and Netivot during the week.]

The main thing I saw in the whole Bava Sali family was what you could call straight Torah. No "tikunim" or kabalistic stuff.
There are descendants of Reb Yaakov Abuchatzaira also around whom are certainly worthwhile to visit.

Besides that it is entirely possible the Bava Sali thing is still around. I was in Netivot for about  a year and went to Rav Montag's yeshiva for about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening and it occurs to me today that that was a time that God granted to me a great deal of סייעתא דשמיא help from Heaven concerning the book on Bava Metzia. That is from pages 104 until page 112.

You have to do your own work to find out where the descendants of Bava Sali and Yaakov Abuchatzeira are because I do not know except for Shimon Buso.  


The problems with the Enlightenment were noted almost as soon as it began. The solution is not clear because the weakening of faith in the Catholic Church seems to have been a major factor(or The Major Factor). Yet the Catholic Church does not seem so great today.
What the Middle Ages had that we lack is the synthesis between Faith and Reason. 

What Lithuanian yeshivas have done is to not reject the Middle Ages nor that unique approach that existed then of combining faith with reason.

Modernity has either fanatical faith without reason, or fanatical reason without faith.

In the Litvak [Lithuanian] Yeshiva world, two things stand as foundations: Rishonim [Mediaeval authorities] and Musar [books of ethics written by Mediaeval Authorities]. 

[I should admit, I have trouble understanding Rishonim. I always find it much better for myself to see what later people (Achronim) wrote about the Rishonim. This began for me right away as soon as I came to learn in yeshivat Shar Yashuv. I find, I never understand Tosphot until I look at the Maharsha, Rav Shach, or  Reb Chaim Soloveitchik's school and then look at Tosphot. Same with Musar. I found traditional books of Musar to be incomprehensible until I looked at the disciples of Reb Israel Salanter. In fact, whenever God grants to me the privilege of opening up a Gemara, usually the first thing I do is to look at the Maharsha and Maharam from Lublin before anything else.]


Musar (Books of Ethics). Reb Israel Salanter's idea of making a movement that would concentrate of learning Books of Ethics.

The curious thing about the disciples of Reb Israel Salanter is not just that they came out with different approaches all based on Musar but that each presented their approach as The Right One. In the newer Musar approach most of the aspects that were unique to the Musar movement all got forgotten.

I can not tell what to think of this. After all Musar represents different points of view.

That is even if you go back to the original set of Medieval books some go more with the Rambam Saadia Gaon approach and others with the Ramban [Nachmanides].  Later when Kabalah got thrown in, all the more so the approaches begin to differ,
Once you get to the great Musar yeshivas, Mir, Slobadka, Navardok, Kelm, it gets even more diverse.

What seems to have happened is people settled on one basic approach that they found was workable--Musar and Gemara. And with that every individual will find in Musar what he or she needs to learn from it. That is about the best I could figure out from what I saw. This Musar and Gemara approach also makes sense to me.

Or at least it is the approach that I hope to stick with. [My own approach is more or less this: Gemara Musar, Rav Shach's Avi Ezri, Physics, Math. That is based on the more rational Rambam Saadia Gaon approach to Torah.]

In a nut shell it is hard to explain why Rav Shach's Avi Ezri is so important but basically it is the need to understand Torah beyond extra forms. One needs to get to the essence of Torah.

 But the place for Torah learning from what I can tell is  in  a Litvak yeshiva where you find the spirit of Torah. Maybe Torah VeDaat or Chaim Berlin or some authentic yeshiva. But no fakes. The fake and phony yeshivas destroy the spirit of Torah and one must run from them.

Muslims- right around the 15% mark that the violence begins

I am not thrilled with Muslims and that is that. I see them as a threat to the very survival of the human race, and perhaps all life on earth. There is, as far as I can see, nothing else to discuss. They can convert to the Law of Moses, or Christianity or anything else. Just not Islam. Period.

From what I remember in history is it is in fact right around the 15% mark that the violence begins. Up until that mark, Muslims are the most exemplary of citizens. Then at the 15% the violence begins with the teenagers and  and children that one is reluctant to blame. Then there is a later mark when they take over, and Christians and Jews are expelled and murdered or convert.

The historical pattern seems to always follow the same model. You can see this in their takeover of Christian Spain and Syria and Byzantium.

I believe in freedom of religion. Muslims can convert to any religion they please. Just not Islam.
I am not thrilled with Muslims and that is that. I see them as a threat to the very survival of the human race, and perhaps all life on earth. There is, as far as I can see, nothing else to discuss. They can convert to the Law of Moses, or Christianity or anything else. Just not Islam. Period.

From what I remember in history is it is in fact right around the 15% mark that the violence begins. Up until that mark, Muslims are the most exemplary of citizens. Then at the 15% the violence begins with the teenagers and  and children that one is reluctant to blame. Then there is a later mark when they take over, and Christians and Jews are expelled and murdered or convert.

The historical pattern seems to always follow the same model. You can see this in their takeover of Christian Spain and Syria and Byzantium. 


She in a powerful way describes this as coming from from the Frankfurt school. The idea was to delete American Values and in a vacuum of values they could impose their own values–i.e. Socialism and communism and one world government. This video seems to me to be the most intellectual rigorous approach to this problem that I have seen.

 I used to think it came from the KGB as mentioned by Bezmenov in his ytube video but it was pointed out to me that the KGB was too limited in resources to accomplish this by itself. Thus there has to have been inside help –as with the Frankfurt school.

A friend of mine who worked for the KGB thought the KGB did not have the ability to accomplish this vast project of deleting American traditional values all by itself. Later, he might have changed his mind. If after all, the KGB devoted a large percent of its budget for this purpose, it might have been possible.

In any case we see why the left coming from the Frankfurt school sides strongly with Islam. All its sins are a nothing to the Left. The reason is simple. To the Left Islam is the greatest ally in the destruction of Jewish and Christian Ethics. The left will side with anything they see as conducive towards the destruction of traditional Jewish Christian values.

Joan of Arch's trial

I have been troubled by Joan of Arch's trial for a number of years. Most of the trial you do not hear what the judges are thinking. Only at the end they state their condemnation but give no support for their conclusions.. In some areas things became more clear to me because other books written at the same time. [Mainly they were thinking of her voices as coming from the Sitra Achra to be a blunt as possible.]

But in the  area of dress I still can not figure out what the big deal was. Christians we know do not as a rule follow the law of Moses. So picking out one rule to condemn someone with makes little sense unless they were thinking like Thomas Aquinas about some laws still being binding because they are Natural Law.
 In any case the dressing thing does not seem to me to be as bad as the problems that arise in Leviticus chapters 18 and 20.

My own take on this is this: Thomas Aquinas was in need of getting the Old Testament and New Testament to not conflict. So he used the idea of Natural Law that Saadia Gaon came up with.

The disparagement of Divine Law has gotten deep within Western thought ever since then. To me Divine Law is on a higher level than Natural Law.
To me it seems you do not need to justify the laws of Moses by means of natural law.  Divine Law can stand by itself.

As for Joan of Arc my basic feeling is הוראת שעה. [A prophet can get a revelation to break a rule for a time for the needs of the hour and also a beit din can do the same thing--according to the needs of the time.]  She got a revelation that she needed to dress like a man and wear battle armor and go into battle and bring all France under the rule of Charles the rightful king of France. Why is that any different that Eliyahu [Elijah] on Mount Carmel or any of the prophets that had a specific prophecy to accomplish some mission and part of the prophecy involved doing things not according to the Law of Moses.

But what are the needs of the time? That is where the idea of Saadia Gaon and Maimonides becomes important. For we know the Mitzvot are given with certain goals in mind. שלום המדינה,להתרחק מעבודה זרה לתקן את המידות וכולי[Peace of the country, to get as far from idolatry as possible, to correct ones character traits etc.]

I am being short here because I did not want to get into the argument between R. Shimon Ben Yochai and the Sages in the end of chapter 10 on Bava Metzia that I dealt with in another blog entry. Mainly I recall that my idea was there is instrumental value and numnious value. To the Sages they are not connected. To R.Shimon they are. But in any case we know the Rambam is a bit ambiguous about this. He poskins in opposite ways in Mishna Torah and see his commentary in Bava Metzia about that Mishna. The commentary משנה למלך in Mishna Torah tries to solve this. [The trouble is in Bava Metzia the Rambam goes like the sages and in Yevamot [seven nations] he goes like R. Shimon.  דורשין טעמה דקרא]
God granted to me to write about this in my little booklet on Shas and the other one on Bava Metzia. But I never started out to answer questions in the Rambam--only questions in Tosphot. Along the way it happened that God granted to me answers in the Rambam also. But to answer this kind of problem I think you would have to look up  the Avi Ezri of Rav Shach or any of the people of the school of thought of Reb Chaim Soloveitchik who make it their business to answer questions of this sort.


I do not think people need my advice about Quantum Mechanics but I just wanted to share this link to what I think is the best book on QM that I have seen. I am not sure what made it so special to me but I think it is how the author goes through the calculations step by step in a way that even I can understand him.

However at the end I found the parts about super conductivity to be way beyond me.

graves of tzadikim [righteous people]

I do not hold much with the idea of graves of tzadikim [righteous people] . I was  thinking along the lines of Reb Nachman for some time that this is  a good thing but now I am thinking that it is a variation of the idea that Reb Chaim of Volsohin says about worship of tzadikim.  I mean to say that he is critical of the idea of worship of tzadikim[]
In the Nefesh HaChaim he says that the intention to attach one's soul to the soul of the tzadik is a form of idolaty. And the fact that a lot of people go to graves of tzadikim for that exact purpose seems to me to be suspicious.
I was hoping in learning the Talmud in Sanhedrin from page 60b to about 64 would help clarify this issue --which it did. But it took a long time for the message to be absorbed.

This should not be taken as disparaging Reb Nachman. Rather the problem seems to be with the people that make him into an idol. He is of course not the only example but just one example that comes to mind. And perhaps the fact that he was  a great tzadik makes it a little easier to discuss this problem in his context.

The trouble seems to be that there is a difference between what the Torah actually says and what religious leaders tell us it says, This has been a problem in the religious world ever since Jeremiah cursed the Jewish people that since we have not listened to true prophets that God will from then on give us false prophets and to them we will listen.

Communism and Socialism

Dr Michael Huemer has a very nice refutation of Communism.
The idea is that Communism is based the the labor theory of value and he shows that that theory is incorrect.

I myself never saw much value in Communism since private property is a prime value in Torah. It is even encoded in the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not  steal."

AS for general leftist polices Steven Dutch has a very nice new essay:
The left have never seen a regulation or tax they didn’t like.
Gun control. Again, fixing a social problem by stripping rights from the law abiding.
They side with criminals instead of civilization. Want to reduce wrongful convictions? Reform the justice system to focus solely on guilt or innocence instead of procedure.
They backed corrupt labor unions that threatened workers, killed reformers, and pushed rules that defended the laziest and most incompetent workers. Just read up on the futile efforts of the NYC school system to get rid of bad teachers.


The idea of the Bell Curve is that the average intelligence of whites is very much higher than the average intelligence of blacks.

Many species of mammals  have variance in many characteristics, including quickness of perception. That does not mean that we are gorillas. The idea of The Bell Curve is that the average intelligence of whites is very much higher than the average intelligence of blacks. That is not surprising since whites and blacks are separate subspecies of humans.

I can not understand why people confuse average value with variance. Amoebas vary in abilities. gorillas also. Even in intelligence. That is quickness of perception and understanding. The variance is obvious to anyone who has had pets. So if you have amoebas that vary in quickness of perception by about 15% variance and humans also vary by that amount does that mean we are amoebas or as smart an amoeba? No. It is average intelligence which is the key factor, not variance.

Thus it is proper to say that blacks are more stupid than whites. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a simple fact of biology. However a smart black might very well be smarter or perhaps be better in other ways than some white person.

And he or she might, in fact, use their free will in ways more noble than a white person.


 My experience is things are better when the rules are known. That was workable and in fact great until religious people started sticking their noses into our businesses.

I mean to say marriage in the context of  a Litvak yeshiva is usually pretty good. Everyone knows what to expect and what their obligation are. Everything is either already spelled out in excruciating detail or else discussed before hand and accepted by all parties.

What makes this work is not the society they live in, but the fact that both parties are loyal to the Law of Moses and want to keep it to the ultimate extent of their abilities.

This works perfectly well unless neighbors or  insane religious leaders begin to stick their noses into where they are not wanted.  And the trouble is almost all religious leaders are insane. It is the particular Achilles heel of the religious world. It comes from a curse of Jeremiah the prophet. When the Jewish people did not listen to Yermiyahu [Jeremiah] and other true prophets, God gave us a curse that he would send to us evil leaders and to them we would listen.

The truth is the laws of marriage are too much to learn before marriage. I have never heard of anyone that could go thorough Ketuboth, Kidushin, Gitin, Yevamot, etc plus the Tur, Beit Joseph [Even Ezer].

What I did, and which is I think a good idea is to do the Tur, Beit Joseph on Nida plus the sidur of Yaakov Emden. Plus Shelomo Berger at the Mir learned the Tur, Beit Yoseph with me, plus there was a rav at Torah VeDaat in NY that gave a series of classes based in his book which was a great introduction to the subject.

If one does not have a marriage based on loyalty to Torah, then you end up with modern day marriages which are slavery and nightmares.

The general Litvak marriage is founded on a mutual goal of having the husband learn Torah all his life. That is it is a marriage based on a transcendent goal.

[In short I should mention that the major difficulty is calculating the ווסת period. Outside of that things are simple. What you have is basically simple. She sees one day then she waits until she stops and then you count seven clean days. That is she checks before sun set on the day she thinks she is clean with a clean white cloth (and she must check inside in the crevices). Preferably a piece of a white linen shirt. Then she checks on days 1, 4, and 7.  Then a natural body of water on the night after day seven. Most women have a period that is slightly longer than 30 days. That means she never sees less than 30 days. If that is the case she does not have to be separate from her husband on the day 30. That means let's say she see any time from day 34 and on. Then forget about day 30. But if she has seen 3 times in a row on day 34 then she must always be separate from her husband on day 34 unless she has established a different day another three times. If  there is nothing that is established after 34 days then she simply is seperate on the same period of separation as the last period.]

I wanted to add an possible answer to a question on Tosphot that my learning partner asked a few years ago.

 סנהדרין ס''ג א' וב'. אפשר לשאול על תוספות סנהדרין סג. בהבנתו מדוע יש הבדל בין "לא תעבדם" ו"לא תעשה מלאכה". לדבריו, "לא יעשה מלאכה" אינה לאו שבכללות, כי הוא אומר לא לעשות כל סוג של עבודה. בעוד "לא תעבדם" אינו אומר לנו איזה מינים נקראים שירות. אבל אם אתה הולך לדף ס''ג עמוד ב' תוספות הופך את סוג ההנחה להפכו הגמור. תוספות מסביר את הברייתא באופן ששלושה דברים נכנסים לחלק הראשון של הפסוק "ושם אלהים אחרים לא תזכירו" ואת החלק האחרון של הפסוק "לא ישמע על פיך" הוא אומר שהוא  אזהרה למסית ומדיח. זה בסדר. אבל אז מה הם שלושה הדברים? אחד נשבע בשם עבודה זרה. ואיך אפשר לקבל מלקות לזה? למה זה לא לאו שבכללות? מכיוון שנשבע בשם עבודה זרה והזכרת שם אלילים ועוד דבר אחד כולם אותו הדבר = להזכיר אל אחר, כך שאפשר  לקבל מלקות. באיזה אופן זה שונה מ"לא תעבדם" שאחד לא מקבל מלקות על כי זה לאו שבכללות?אפשר לומר שהחילוק הוא שכל סוג מלאכה הוא קבוצה סגורה וכל סוג עבודה הוא קבוצה פתוחה בגלל עבודה דרך כבוד היא דבר שיכול להתרחב בלי גבול

Link to book on Shas

The basic idea here is this in the Torah there are punishments for sin. Sometimes the punishment is stated. But sometimes it is not. When it is not stated we assume it is lashes. But lashes can only be given when a verse forbids a particular sin, not when the verse forbids different kinds of things. לאו שבכללות. I forgot the subject but the main idea is that not to bow before an idol has a death penalty attached to it. The other three kinds of service sacrifice, burning, pouring also have a death penalty attached to them. But what about service in the way of honor? It is forbidden but there is no death penalty attached to it. Not only that but one does not even get lashes because it is a לאו שבכללות.

Tosphot says Don't serve idols does not tell us what kinds of things are called service. David asked what is the difference between this and Shabat
On Shabat one does get a penalty even though it only says, "Don't do work."

I answer here Shabat is a closed set. Service is an open set

one American identity

There was a time that what was emphasized was one American identity. But that was altered slowly in the 1960's when what teachers emphasized was to "find your roots." That was the beginning of diversity.  Eventually the very idea of a common American identity began to seem ridiculous since it was just a hodge podge of conflicting groups. (Especially victim groups.)

To me this seems sad, since American identity was founded on very important principles, not on geography.

What was important to the founding fathers of the human experiment called the USA was freedom. To deliver the human race from a condition of tyranny to one of freedom. That is not the same thing as going back to an Athenian form of government. The founding fathers were well aware the major cause of the Peloponnesian war between Sparta and Athens was the fact that Athens was trying to build up its empire much like Rome would do later. That meant basically subjugating all other cities in Hellas. Rather the founding fathers sought to form a government that would guarantee human freedom.

Freedom has been an ideal for thousands of years but it has been notoriously difficult to find a way to accomplish it in a way that does not dissolve into chaos and then tyranny all over again.

For people that seek tyranny over others the American system is a nightmare. The attacks on the basic values of  America came from one school of thought the Fabian school which later became the Frankfurt school. But these utilized different systems of thought to accomplish the goal of tearing down American society and replace it with Socialism (Marxism). One very major and successful tool was Psychology, but it was not the only one. The problem is that no one recognized the problem. The religious authorities were on the front lines to destroy American morality and they still are.


I was looking for a blog post or PDF that discussed why men should not get married. I could not find it but found some substitutes with roughly the same idea might be the original essay that I saw

Important blog about how feminism has ruined marriage.

comments from here

[I should mention a good deal of the problems come from not listening to the holy Torah. But even religious teachers are infamous nowadays for ruining every marriage they get their hands on.]

"American women are selfish self-serving creatures. I use to believe marriage was necessary for having children and raising a family, not so. Marriage is death of manhood thanks to our divorce and family law. That being said there is some good women but it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack."

"Marriage as the worst thing a man can do. I was divorced in 2011. My Ex got the house even though she couldn't make the payments along with utilities. Now that is getting foreclosed on and she never refinanced in her name. The loan was still in our names jointly. I was fortunate to buy a home of my own 2 years ago before the home we lived in became foreclosed on. A major overhaul of divorce laws need to be taken. I should have been given the house due to the fact that I could afford to make payments and could have even sold it to avoid the mess. It's as if she had a certain sense of pride and wouldn't admit she couldn't do it. If there are any women reading this let it be known that i didn't cheat on her or touch her in anger. When she hit her 30's, she snapped. Cut her hair off started getting multiple tattoos right after her father passed away. Then began a facebook page at that point I knew my days were numbered. Talking about how she had never been on her own or independent. I had seen it with other men whose wives hit their 30's and 40's and go through the same thing. These men including myself worked hard, paid the bills but that wasn't good enough. It's when I saw a photo of a guy with sleeve tattoo, hair with frosted tips
she said she saw the photo on line and liked it. Which later turned out to be a Facebook friend that she reunited with that she knew when she was 15. Basically, don't get married it's a three ring circus, the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffer"ring"."

"respect? is very material, its not a thought its physical, and married or not, you have no particular right to it, and if you leave yourself open to blackmail with it, it probably isn't worth having...respect through marriage comes from your "empire" of family, Space is about possession and if you let your spouse keep on taking up the space, then that's your material failure. Being weak will lead to someone, anyone, walking on you...probably as you present no challenge to them and once you have provided all the material she needs, then really, if you don't entertain each other, what is left.


    One world government under Socialism

    While not exactly on topic I saw this youtube which the Reference Frame had a link 

    When she is about to play the words of some רשע wicked person she usually gives an introduction so you know when to turn off the sound. [that is skip from 16:35 minutes to 17:15    also 37:05 to 38:00.] 

    ] The idea is an amazing explanation of deterioration of USA society. In this lecture, the basic idea is to show there was a well known group of people that were determined to delete American morality and values, and replace-them with Marxist-Freudian values.

    She draws an line and shows the connection between the Fabians and later psychology to eliminate traditional american values. Also she shows the connection to the Frankfurt school that got transplanted from Germany to Columbia University in NYC.

    Fabians believed in one world government under Socialism and that happiness is the standard by which a society ought to be judged not Law, neither Divine Law nor Natural Law.
    They did not believe in private property. They also understood to make these changes would be gradual. 

    They drew from Utopians, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, Gradualism.

    The problem was economic change was not popular [because people were doing well under free markets societies]. So they combined Freud with Marx to create a cultural revolution [that would lead to economic change.] The goal was to detach culture from moral values. The way to do this was by using Psychology and Freud to undermine morals. [Freud tried to show moral values have no objective basis.]
    The key strategy was to influence the conscious and unconscious  mind. The academic world welcomed Socialism, Marxism and Psychology.  The problem was Christian and Jewish people in the USA were happy with Free Market society. So the idea was to tear down Western values, father knows best, family and replace it with G-d is dead, fathers are oppressive, tear down the system.
    The way to accomplish their goals was to divide the USA by making victim groups 

    [Religious teachers pretended and still pretend to be for family values but in fact went along with the Fabians and psychology and socialism because they think they will gain power.]
    They played the victim card.
    To have a classless society you need to get rid of freedom of choice, property ownership, and to wipe out white supremacy [White, Anglo Saxon Protestants].

    The 1990's was when political correctness came into its own. That is obligation to be politically correct, [that is not just tolerate it.] [Disagreement not allowed.] Individual rights were understood to be obstacles to this.

    Western Civilization is essentially in its basic essence Throne and Altar. But I admit that Altar (the Catholic faith) seems to have problems. In fact, the entire Christian Faith seems to have a couple of basic difficulties. 

    My own approach is a kind of patchwork of ideas from my parents, and the Oral and Written Law, with a kind of paradigm based on Maimonides, the Gra, Reb Israel Salanter, Rav  Shach from Ponovitch.