survival skills

Outside of survival skills, make sure you learn a skill that people will pay cold hard cash for.
Plumbing, electrical engineering, auto repair, computer engineering and programming.

[Learning Torah is a great thing but it does not count as something to be used to make money. People do use it as such but that is not a desirable thing. Even if there were roshei yeshiva that Torah was their sole occupation, this was  a kind of "bedievead." Ad Hoc--according to their situation. Not something to plan on doing.]

Know who you can depend on. Avoid those you know you can not depend on,-- at all cost. They will just leech off of you until there is nothing left, and then throw your bones to the dogs.

That is avoid the cult that the Gra signed the  excommunication on at all cost.
A lot depends on your situation. If you are learning a vocation and authentic Torah, that is probably enough.

But being out of a real authentic yeshiva means not having friends that really cares about you, It is more about having people that want to use you, And that is dangerous. Thus it is much more necessary in your situation to learn how to be  a man and to be independent than it was when you are in an authentic yeshiva.

Imagine yourself in a survival situation. what kind of men do you want guarding the perimeter? trustworthy, strong. Not people who make it their livelihood to ask for charity.

The main essence of hasdim is to feminize men, to take normal people and make them into a slave class for the elite master and his close group. Recently most yeshivas have discovered it is possible to make money doing rituals or having their boss do rituals.

One thing you can be sure of. No matter how much you do for them, they will never reciprocate. As far as they are concerned you exit only to serve them.