Hasidim see themselves as more holy and thus closer to the truth than ordinary mortals. And they have the gall to ask us to pay for their holiness.

And I should add that there are people that set themselves up as teachers of Torah or who wish to bring other to Torah, They are the most dangerous of all.  The Zohar refers to them as תלמידי חכמים שדיים יהודאים  Torah scholars that are Jewish Demons.  The problem was the people making money off of Torah tend to lose their Jewish souls and instead are possessed by some demon.

There is a kind of problem that arises when Torah is made into  a mode of making a living. I think the Gra was aware of this. What you have nowadays is people have no other way of making money except by being a  a yeshiva and then asking people to support them and then they say they are not using Torah to make money. That seems like a contradiction.  If they are not working and asking for charity because they are learning Torah it seems that they are using the Torah to make money.

The reason this is important is this. I want to be able to say to people that in order to repent one needs to learn Torah. So far I am afraid to write that people should learn Torah because I fear they might take me seriously and walk into some yeshiva like the ones we have today. What will happen? He will walk into one place and they will accuse him of being there to steal their hot-dogs at lunchtime. So he will say that is just the exception. The next place will say he is a murderer or child abuser. Then he will start to see the pattern. The next one he will walk into he will wear fancy clothing. Or look like a university student. And then they will make themselves out to be his best friends. Thus it will go on and on. Every yeshiva he will find will be full of lies. The reason is none of them are for learning Torah. They are all money factories that care only about the money they can con out of secular Jews.

Until yeshiva will be about learning Torah alone, there is no way I can be responsible for saying they are good places.

Failure to be in accordance with God's Will  results, not from a failure to think for oneself, but rather from the fact that people are told what to think by people who see themselves as more holy and thus closer to the truth than ordinary mortals.