Infallible advice based on Torah study- "Daat Torah"

Anyone with "Daat Torah"  would realize right away that there is no such thing as "Daat Torah." In the Talmud "Daat Torah" is simply a substitute word for the opinion that the Halacha goes with instead of "Daat Note".
But they are using the words "Daat Torah" not to mean Halacha but to means a kind of Divine Spirit. But they get the advantage that when they are proved wrong, they can't be accused of being false prophets, since they did not claim prophecy but "Daat Torah." It is in short: it is  a fudge word used to insulate them from any criticism.

However there is I admit such a thing as Wisdom--people that because of their devotion to God get an little added insight in helping other people. This is not Daat Torah and does not depend on how much Talmud or psychology one has learned. It is sadly a rare quality but it is discernible in the few that have it. Wisdom--not Daat Torah is why people in the past would go to tzadikim like Bava Sali,