Muslims certainly nowadays tend to be a problem to the degree they believe in their religion.

I never found American history interesting. I look on America as a machine that works where all other machines failed. It is a machine that you feed into it lots of people and out comes a just and decent society. What interests me is: "Why does it work?" For this I go to the thinkers that the USA Constitution is based on. [Plato Aristotle Aquinas , John Locke, Jefferson, Cicero, etc.] This has become much more interesting to me in recent years as I watch the slow disintegration of American society. Just like I want to know what made it work in the first place I want top know what is destroying it.

It is not enough to look at Muslims or the infiltration of the KGB into American universities. Muslims  certainly nowadays tend to be a problem to the degree they believe in their religion. But it was not always that way. There is a consensuses among scholars that the Islamic Golden age was real and not just completely make believe.Though there is a debate about this still the weight of the evidence shows that the original period in Baghdad from about 800 AD until circa 1240 AD was a flourishing period for Jews and Muslims. And even nowadays we find a few great Islamic scholars [e.g. Saleem who shared the Noble prize with Weinberg] . It is hard to say that Islam by definition is automatically the destroying force of Satan. Personally, even though Muslims tried to kill me many times in Jerusalem, still when I lived in Safed in the North of Israel, I found Muslims and especially the Bedouins to be consistently nice and decent people. [Though I have heard that recently they have deteriorated.] Blacks also are like this. There are many outstanding people that are black. It is hard to see them as some kind of generally bad influence. So it is curious what is contributing to the downfall of America?  [The KGB certainly had a great influence on the Social Studies Departments of America universities, but this could not account for the general deterioration of American society. The KGB spend about a 1/3 of its resources in this direction.]