Why is the present administration stockpiling ammo?

One question few are asking: Why is the present administration stockpiling ammo? It recently purchased 450 million rounds of.40 caliber hollow-point ammunition (banned by the Geneva Convention and not used by the U.S. military) and then another 750 million rounds of anti-personnel ammunition for the DHS and other government agencies. 1.2 billion rounds? That’s four bullets for every man, woman and child in the U.S. Since this ammo can’t be used on foreign battlegrounds, where do they plan on using it? And on whom? [From a  note on the New York Post.]

Another note on the New York Post: . If Congress and all federal and state buildings now have armed guards why can't the schools be like protected? I went to a Social Security office recently in a small town...and it had an armed guard!....and we can't guard the schools???? Every parent would be glad to pay, for example, a one dollar security fee each month for their child.

\For further information about self defense see the second amendment to the USA Constitution. This is only meant for those people that can read English.

I am  in favor of self defense. 

For people in New York I think they should not send their children to public school but rather home school.  A school where anyone armed can come in a kill is not a conducive learning environment. And NY schools are a disaster zone even beside this. American companies that need to hire someone competent in Math or science usually have to hire Russians or Japanese or Chinese people. I even meet these types of people of international flights I was on. I remembered sitting next to one Russian that went to the University of Siberia who was working for an American company in the USA that needed someone competent in Math.

There was a case I remember in Israel in which some boat from Lebanon landed on and Israeli beach. The passenger s from the boat walked up to the nearest apartment building and knocked on the front doors of the homes. When the door was opened they shot the inhabitants and then moved on to the next door. They keep on doing this until they got to one door. Before they could knock it opened and the inhabitant shot them. And that is how the cookie crumbles.